Welcome to the specialist in custom digital signage!

Why XPO Screens?

For everyone who is looking for a custom made digital signage solution, and is unable to fulfil their desires with regular hardware.

We will always continue to develop better digital signage solutions, in contrast with other suppliers  on the digital signage market. Whether it is one of our off-the-shelf products or one of our customized designs. We are on hand whenever you need us.


The INVITE is Unique and incomparable with other digital displays on today’s market. The cover and the electronics are specially designed from scratch to serve its purpose. The INVITE creates new possibilities and new applications.


The INTERIO is a built-in module with a thickness of only 20 to 30 millimeters. We developt the INTERIO especailly for interior designers. This model is extremely easy to intergrate. The mounting plate fits precisely into a cutout in a furniture plate.


We optionally supply our hardware with an extremely user-friendly Content Management System named XASTing. Our CMS allows you to create different templates and add links to other information sources very easily.

Branded INVITE

The INVITE screens are incomparable with other digital signage solutions for many reasons. It is for example possible to fully personalize the INVITE in order to match it with your interior design. This is one of the main features of the INVITE. It is possible to add your logo and manufacture the cover in the style of your corporate identity. A digital screen is no longer a necessary disruption in your interior design. We offer the digital signage dream of every interior designer.

Washroom media

Our products are perfectly suitable for installing digital displays and mirrors in washrooms. The INVITE is even especially designed to fulfill this feature. The digital screens could be used of internal communication in an office or external communication in public toilets. Several national and international indoor media exploitants have already chosen to instal our digital signage solutions.

One Hundred

One Hundred restrooms is a full-service solution for shopping centers , train stations, gas stations and QSR.  They offer a complete toilet experience based on the principles of healthcare and wellbeing. We started a digital signage partnership and provided One hundred from a custome made digital mirror. We used the INTERIO mirror to realize the custom made digital mirror. This is one example of a succesful cooperation.