INVITE® Display & Mirror

A “public proof” display has never been so beautiful! Especially developed to be placed in areas with litte supervision. Both as a display and as a digital mirror. We offer endless possibilities to fully assemble your screen yourself.

Designed to be different

No goal in itself, but the result of our method. A promise to you is that we do not ask what you want, but why you want it. The moment we can fully understand your need, we can start skipping the side issues and come to the core. Sometimes simplicity is complex.

The the modular construction of our products gives us the opportunity to offer you the end-result you want. And the final product will always deviate from the rest.

– Designed to be different –


If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said; faster horses.

- Henry Ford - Ford Motor Company

Digital Washroom advertising

In collaboration with Altermedia we developed our 21″ INVITE® Display to the best indoor digital signage solution in washroom areas. For the recognisability and branding of their name we provided the screens with the Altermedia logo. Also we equipped the screens with the SmartSensor, so Altermedia is able to report her advertisers with all reach data.

2theloo Media Mirror

Especially for 2theloo we have developed a custom digital mirror. Our powerful SmartSensor is invisibly located behind the mirror. Combined with the transparant mirror it is difficult to see that a 32 “screen is situated behind the mirror. When the sensor doesn’t detect any movement the screen will show full-screen content. When a visitor walks to the sink, to wash his or her hands, the content will be downsized to the corner.

Bespoke design

Does a regular black monitor not fit well with your well-thought-out interior? Or does a regular monitor, from one of the major brands, not answer your technical requirements? Then probably we do offer a suitable solution.

We provide solutions with the availability to personalize. You can personalize your housing, the electronics and the software. Our embedded electronics can be flexibly assembled and can therefore be placed in almost any housing.


You can buy screens with 1001 possibility’s and connectors, but the most important thing is that the conten is broadcast on the right moment on the right screen. With the highest possible reliability and at the lowest possible cost.

We have developed our electronics so that all things that you do not need are not included. And if you do need certain features, then add this module to the hardware. This ensures a lean and mean solution that is reliable 24/7 and requires little service and maintenance.


All our hardware is constructed in such a way that you can easily access the hardware remotely. If desired, you can monitor the performance, change settings and install desired updates from a distance.

In case of a hardware failure, you never have to replace the complete device, but only the broken part. This way you save time and therefore costs in your service team and repairs can always be carried out centrally.