Report a malfunction

Report a malfunction

Do you have a problem with one of our products? Then we ask you to fill in the form below. For the best possible follow-up it is important that you provide the requested information in full. You will receive a response from us within 24 hours.
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  • Repair costs

    If the fault report is not covered by the warranty or if it appears that there is no malfunction, then costs can be charged
    Research costs: € 50, -
    Call-out costs: € 1, - excl. VAT per driven kilometer
    Return costs: € 25, - excl. VAT per hour
    Labor wages: € 65, - excl. VAT per hour
    Parts: Beforehand in consultation and always excluding VAT
    Both in the case of warranty and beyond, the customer must ensure proper access to the equipment. If this is not the case and because of this unnecessary extra costs are incurred, these will also be charged according to the overview above.