The custom made solution for every interior designer

We noticed many interior designs with mismatched installed digital screens. The digital screens are usually not custome made which makes them incompatible in the overall design. We believed in a better solution and developt the INTERIO. The INTERIO is a builit- in solution and makes it possible to fully intergrate a digital screens in an interior design. The INTERIO is the digital Signage dream of every interior designer.

  • Unlimited creative freedom for customization.
  • No limitation by standard sizes.
  • Easy to duplicate in large numbers.
  • Ideal for retail interiors.


The process starts with the design of your interior. The signage solutions must be subservient to your interior design. The INTERIO is developed for this purpose and gives a designer the possibility to to add a digital screen in the ideal interior design with no limitations. In the attached example was the desire to integrate displays in the mirror above the sink.


We start with developing a new INTERIO screen, after the client handed in the desired design. We create the ideal design entirely based on the cadre of your design. We search for the most suitable location for the screen, the control signal, and the media player. We developed a custom made backplate for a client in the example picture above.

Final result

we obviously strive for optimal results without any concession. We prove our skillful competence  with the example pictures above. The digital screen is fully integrated in the designed mirror and became invisible. The invisible sensors automatically adjust the content when a person stands in front of the digital mirror.

2theloo media mirror

We developt a cutomized solution for 2theloo. We created a bracket with all the electronics assembled on it. The bracket is intergrated in the door above the sink. The display, the media player and the sensors are neatly concealed behind the mirror, to make the electornics and the digital screen invisible fort he consumer.

We have spoken to all parties involved in digital mirrors and customized displays and nobody could adjust our mirror without affecting the functionality and appearance. Until we came into contact with XPO Screens they managed to process everything in the thickness of our mirror. Magisterial!

- Bram Gleichman

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