A solution for every interior builder

Especially for interior construction we have developed a built-in module that can be installed in a plank thickness of 30 millimeters. All electronic components, such as monitor, control, motion sensors, media player and even face recognition, are mounted on this backplate. This mounting plate then fits exactly in a cut-out in the MDF board and forms one piece with a flat back.

With this solution, as an interior designer, you are no longer bound by the formats (and changes therein) of regular screen suppliers. With no other solution you can install a screen (21 to 55 inch) at this depth.

We supply the backplate in an optimized version for both the landscape and the portrait view. The components are optimally positioned for both versions.

Clear glass or mirror

With our INTERIO® solution you can place the screen both behind clear glass or a transparent mirror. With clear glass, the part outside the image format will be provided with a screen on the backside. That screen can be executed in any design you like. When you use a transparant mirror, the screen is hidden almost invisibly.

Various solutions

Custom-made furniture

With the INTERIO® built-in solution you can insert screens in any type of custom furniture. Whether it is a wall with a large mirror in the lounge of a hotel or a piece of furniture for a trade fair stand, everything is possible.

Built-in mirrors

If you want to process a digital screen in your custom furniture, you can easily get out of the way with the INTERIO® built-in unit. When you place the screen behind a transparent mirror and turn off the screen, it is as if it were a regular mirror.

Stand-alone mirrors

In addition to built-in solutions, the INTERIO® solution also allows you to easily create a stand-alone mirror. With the minimum dimensions of the backplate itself observed, it can be executed in any desired size. Nowhere can you find a solution so tight against the wall!

Bathroom Mirrors

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2theloo media mirror

For 2theloo we used our Controller A in combination with a 32 inch screen and the XPO SmartSensor. Our powerful sensor measures its values invisibly located behind the mirror. When the sensor doesn’t detect any movement the screen will show full-screen content. When a visitor walks to the sink, to wash his or her hands, the content will be downsized to the corner.

See 2theloo case.

We have spoken to all parties involved in digital mirrors and customized displays and nobody could adjust our mirror without affecting the functionality and appearance. Until we came into contact with XPO Screens they managed to process everything in the thickness of our mirror. Magisterial!

- Bram Gleichman