Designed to be different

The INVITE is Unique and incomparable with other digital displays on today’s market. The cover and the electronics are specially designed from scratch to serve its purpose.

  • High quality design. The INVITE can be customised to blend in with your interior design.
  • Vandalism proof screens. The public proof cover makes the INVITE suitable to install at high traffic public locations.
  • Easy maintenance. The INVITE is easy to maintain, this makes the INVITE perfect for high-volume use.
  • The design is based on a flat suspension component. The flat suspension component makes The INVITE easy to instal wihout the use of an inconvenient shackle.
  • Manageable by high reliability.
  • Sustainable and reusable.
  • Modular structure.

Our point of view is quite simple

A regular basic solution will be adequate, if these aspect do not match your requirements. But, We are with out a doubt the perfect solution, if one or multiple of  these aspect do match with your requirements.

Unique cover

The INVITE contains a special integrated suspension component. The Back of the INVITE can be directly installed to the wall without using a shackle. This prevents the INVITE from leaving space between the wall and the INVITE itself.

Custom made design

The INVITE is revolutionary on the market of digital displays. A digital Displays is no longer a necessary disruption in your interior design. The INVITE makes it possible to manufacture a digital display according to your wishes. In each color, material and design.

Sustainable solutions

Many organizations aim for sustainability by stimulating the circular economy. Our electronics, and the INVITE in particular fits perfectly in this innovative development. we fulfill these needs by using, sustainable materials, energy efficient technology and by maintaining a circular business model.

Displays & Mirrors

The INVITE is obtainable as a Display and as digital mirror. The technology of both solutions is identical. The only difference is the front cover. The digital display cover is made of glass and the digital mirror cover is made of a transparent mirror.

Proximity sensors

The infrared sensors are a vital component of the INVITE. The sensors serve multiple purposes. The Infrared sensors, counts the amount of contacts, turns the backlight automatically on and off and shrinks the content (to use the INVITE mirror, as a mirror).

Various sizes

We offer the INVITE in many different screen sizes. The smallest INVITE is 21 inch and the largest INVITE is 55 inch. It is possible to manufacture INVITES in other desired sizes. This depends on the product range of our panel supplier AUO.

Specific questions about our INVITE?