INVITE® Mirror

A touchpoint with its own face

The most ultimate touchpoint is the mirror! They all get our attention and there is even research that a woman looks in the mirror an average of 38 times a day… The mirror is an ideal way to convey information to the “visitor”. This can be advertising, but also just relevant content that fits the moment of contact.

The INVITE® Mirror

Our INVITE® screen can also be implemented as a digital mirror, or so called media mirror. Technically, an INVITE® Mirror is identical to the INVITE® Display. The only difference is the front cover. In the mirror variant, the front cover is provided with a wide bezel and a transparent mirror. The broad frame can of course be executed in any color and therefore fits in any interior. Download the INVITE® product information.

What makes the INVITE® Mirror unique?

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Various implementations

The INVITE® mirrors are public proof and can therefore easily be placed in various locations. The most obvious location is of course the place above the sink.  But also  in showrooms, hotel rooms, waiting rooms, dressing rooms, et cetera. All places that offer an ideal touchpoint for a mirror are suitable. Your message to the audience, on this playful moment of contact, is ensured of a high level of attention.