Customize your screen

Your screen in the style of your corporate identity

In addition to all technical aspects, one of the most important features of INVITE is that you can order it fully personalized. This can vary from your own logo to a cover with a complete personally designed wooden frame.

A great aspect of this system is that apart from this personalized cover, all our systems are identical, and therefore interchangeable. Suppose you have a nice personalized INVITE, but your logo or interior has changed. In this case, only the front cover needs to be replaced. Your “old” cover will be collected and reused or disposed of in a responsible way.

You can currently choose from various variants for the cover and we are constantly expanding our range.

Frame cover

The aluminium cover offers both a sleek design and protection against vandalism. The aluminium frame fits tightly against the wall and gives the screen the sturdiness you desire for screens in public places. There are many options for the finish of the aluminium; powder coating, anodizing, brushing, drumming and polishing. There are many options for a high-quality finish of your screen in your own personal style.

Frameless cover

For a super sleek design we also supply the screens without a frame. The design is perhaps a little less vandalism proof, but certainly no less beautiful! With the overhang of the glass (or mirror), you create a subtle look in which the screen appears to be hanging away from the background. We possess the latest digital technology, so each design is printed directly onto the glass.

Public Cover

This is the toughest one yet! The “Public cover” is completely made of stainless steel and the glass plate is attached to the inside of the cover. This minimalistic solution is very suitable for car parks and other public (indoor) areas where extra security of your hardware is required.

Wooden Cover

If a beautiful wooden frame suits your interior, then that is possible too! The wooden frame is mounted on our universal adapter plate and your wooden cover fits perfectly on the inside of the screen. We have a number of wooden frame designs available, but every shape is possible in terms of design.

The INVITEĀ® displays can be provided with our own (illuminated) logo. This was a requirement for the recognisability of our assets to potential advertisers who encounter our screens themselves.

- Oskar van Son, Altermedia B.V.

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