Seperate modules

Looking for a bespoke solution?

Are you not looking for a ready-made product, but a bespoke solution? For example, a screen integrated in your custom furniture. Then you have come to the right place! The problem is often that a standard screen is not made to be built into a besoke solution. As a result, the construction is often unnecessarily deep. You also run the risk that this type (size) screen will no longer be available after a while. With our separate modules (monitor, control, player, power supply and sensors) we can handle almost every enclosure.

All modules are available separately

We also sell all electronics we use in our products as separate modules. This gives you a great deal more flexibility than the standard parts supplied by the major manufacturers. Because everything is modular, you decide which features apply to you.

Our PCB’s are developed in the Netherlands and without concession equipped with high-quality components. Below you will find all the solutions that we can offer you. Do you have a technical challenge and you are unsure whether our modules offer the solution? Contact us and we will look together to see if we can offer a suitable solution.

XPO Display controller

Your best friend for customized display housings.

Are you working on a bespoke application in which a screen needs to be mounted and does a standard screen not meet your needs? If, for example, the screen and the electronics required are too deep, or otherwise not suitable for your construction, then we may have the solution.

XPO SmartSensor

Measuring is knowing!

The solutions in which our controllers are used are usually specific narrowcasting solutions that require more than just a display. That is why both controllers can be extended with the XPO SmartSensor. This infrared sensor board detects movement and you can choose how you interpret these measurements.

Azulle media stick

Don’t let the size fool you!

The Quantum Access mini PC sticks are compact but can do everything your ordinary PC, laptop or tablet can. This Intel® stick gives you access to Windows® 10 at any desired location. With the built-in HDMI output you can connect the device to any screen with an HDMI input.


Free choice for every size

The controllers developed by us are equipped with a variable power supply circuit and therefore can be combined with any size display between 10 and 55 inches. We can supply almost all sizes of screens and we have the regular formats often also in stock.

XPO Face Recognition

Do you want to know more about your target group? Are you interested in the person behind the data? Then we have the solution for you! You can expand both controllers with a Face Recognition sensor. This camera module offers OKAO® Vision technology for recognizing the human body, faces, hands, and estimating facial expression, viewing direction, gender and age.