2theloo Mediamirror

Unique toilet concept conquered the world

2theloo is a Dutch company and offers a concept for clean toilet facilities in public areas. The concept started in 2011 in the Kalverstraat (Amsterdam) and now has more than 200 locations in 14 countries. 2theloo has stand-alone ‘Toilet shops’ and is also present at petrol stations, train stations and other retail concepts. For example; 2theloo has a partnership with Shell and the French railways.

The concept is quite simple: The visitors pay 50 cents (and sometimes 1 euro) and get a neat and clean toilet. They receive a coupon at the entrance. This coupon can be spent on items in the service station and the visit to the toilet has actually been free of charge of the customer thats spends money in the shop. This concept is a method for the gas station to get more sales from the hundreds of toilet visitors they receive daily. In other cases, this coupon can be redeemed for discounts at nearby stores or tourist attractions.

A challenge that only XPO Screens can take

A unique experience is one of the most important aspects on which 2theloo distinguishes itself from similar concepts. This has been worked out into the last finesse. The choice of high-quality materials, no noisy hand dryers but neat wipes, a brace to put your bag on instead of on the floor, a hook to hang your coat on, everything is well thought out.

This requirement is also linked to their wish to equip the mirror above the sink with a digital screen. This must be present but in no way affect the comfort. And to raise the bar even higher, the appearance and functionality of the washbasin furniture had to remain unchanged.

Optimally elaborated experience

For 2theloo we used our Controller A in combination with a 32 inch screen and the XPO SmartSensor. Our powerful sensor measures its values invisibly located behind the mirror. When the sensor doesn’t detect any movement the screen will show full-screen content. When a visitor walks to the sink, to wash his or her hands, the content will be downsized to the corner.

Because we are able to place our controller in any location, the whole application is so flat that the screen, controller and media player are fully integrated into the 30mm (!) deep door. The functionality of the mirror, which is also a door for the storage space behind it, remains completely intact.

We have spoken to all parties involved in digital mirrors and customized displays and nobody could adjust our mirror without affecting the functionality and appearance. Until we came into contact with XPO Screens they managed to process everything in the thickness of our mirror. Magisterial!

- Bram Gleichman