For familiar linear systems of production, use and disposal to change, processes must fundamentally change as well. For example, by designing products in such a way that maximum reuse is possible. Raw materials must retain their value as much as possible and waste must be kept to a minimum.

MVO-Nederland (Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR) outlines a number of principles of the circular economy on its website:

  • Value retention is maximized by first looking at product reuse, then reuse of parts, and lastly reuse of raw materials.
  • Products are designed and developed in such a way that they can easily be dismantled at the end of the usage phase and material flows can be easily separated.
  • No harmful substances are emitted during the production, use and processing of the product.
  • Parts and raw materials of consumer products are reused without loss of quality.
  • Producers retain ownership of consumer products, customers pay for use and not for possession.
  • Because the performance of the product determines the value, supplying the right quality is extremely important for the producer.

We take the points above into account in all our developments.

Sustainable construction

The INVITE cover consists of fully recyclable materials, such as aluminium, steel and glass. The entire system is also completely modular, meaning that only the defective parts are replaced instead of the entire device. The entire device consists of various materials with different life cycles, so why adjust the lifespan of the entire product to the part with the shortest lifespan? The easiest step in sustainability is extending the lifespan.

Low energy consumption

XPO Screens do not work with generic bulk electronics. These electronics are often developed to serve a wide range of applications. Quite handy, but the components and software also consume energy. Our electronics have been purely developed as a narrowcasting solution without any extra bells and whistles. This means that our electronics have extremely low energy consumption. In addition, our sensors can switch off screens automatically when there is no ‘audience’.

Product as a Service

From possession to use! We remain the owner of the product and you only pay for use. That sounds appealing, but sometimes it is merely a disguised lease construction with a circular touch. Not with us! Our modular structure fits perfectly with your philosophy for an optimized lifespan and environmentally friendly recycling. We also provide all services that are part of an “as-a-service approach”, such as maintenance, monitoring, repair and replacement. In short, we pay optimum attention to sustainability and circularity!

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