INVITE cover

Unique cover

We have developed a special cover for our INVITE. This cover has several unique features;

  • The screen can easily be placed in public spaces.
  • Fast and easy to replace and maintain in large numbers.
  • No external wiring or parts (except for the power adapter).
  • No need for a separate mounting bracket.

These features make sure that you can use the INVITE displays and mirror at places where regular displays do not suffice, such as public buildings, toilets, dressing rooms, car parks, canteens, restaurants, etc.

Mounting system

There is no need for a separate mounting bracket when installing INVITE displays and mirrors. The covers of the screens are equipped with an integrated mounting system so the screen can be tightly mounted to the wall. This way, the screen is always neatly and safely secured on the wall.

Vandalism proof

Do you want to be able to place your screen at the best possible location, and not simply somewhere where nobody can access it? The INVITE solution offers a display that can be placed in any public space with confidence. No need to make concessions, the screen will always be at its best.

Easy maintenance

Due to these separate components, you can easily replace the technology without having to dismantle the entire screen from the wall in the event of a malfunction. All individual parts can also be replaced separately and are readily available. This ensures low maintenance costs and high uptime.

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