The right message, right time, right place.

We optionally supply our hardware with an extremely user-friendly Content Management System named XASTing. Our CMS allows you to easily manage the content on your digitital screen(s).

  • Cloudbased sollution.
  • Extensive content editor.
  • Maximum compatibility  with our hardware.
  • Prepared for links with sensors.
  • Easily linkable to external data sources.
  • Stable and reliable, even in temporary loss of Internet connection
  • supports Android, Windows, BrightSign, LG and Samsung systems.

competitively priced

XASTing, it is not only qualitatively and functionalyl the perfect solution, the price is also extremely competitive . We offer a variety of package types, from monthly subscriptions, to lifetime licenses. Please do not hesitate to ask for more information.

Content Editor

XASTing uses one of the most comprehensive content editors available on the market. XASTing makes it possible to create and edit content direcly without the use of other necessary or obligated programs. A lot of CMS solutions maintain a business model to make profit with creating the content by professionals. XASTing makes it possible to create the content by yourself. We prevent unpleasant suprises by offering a CMS without any hidden costs.

Content Scheduling

Choosing the right time is just as important to reach the right target group as choosing the right place. It is a piece of cake to schedule your content with XASTing. It is possible to schedule a (repetitive) playlists by selecting the prefered period. You can range the new content with ‘drag and drop’. Just drag the prefered content to the prefered time period on the calendar and drop it.

Content loops

XASTing has a special straightforward Loop function to create new loops. The media library contains a proper search engine to search and select the accurate file to add to the new playlist. You can simply add a new file with ‘drag and drop’. It is also possible to easily add the desired duration and the desired transitions between the items of the new completed playlists.

Platform designed

Many Content Management Systems push you in a certain fixed pattern without the possibility to change it. XASTing is a low priced CMS without this disabillity. The price combined with all the infinite possibilities makes XASTing incomparable with other CMS programs. XASTing is designed as a platform without the time-consuming backend developments. It is a unique comprehensive platform to create capacious and dynamic content.

Live data connections

The real challenge is to build the system wisely. This is really important, to create a data input that centralizes and automates as much as possible. XASTing possess the option to use realtime data from external sources in your new content with easy to install connections. You are easily able to create dynamic up-to-date content, by linking the items with a simple Google Spreadsheet, XML / JSON data feeds and even Office 365.


Sensor Integration

XPO Screens hardware makes extensive use of proximity sensors. These sensors measure the proximity (in 3 zones) of people nearby the screen. The prominity in combination with XASTing makes it possible to use these measurements in various ways. For example, switching the digital content to show the reflection on a digital mirror and  switching the backlight on and off when there is no audience . We implemented this last feature to realize energy efficiency.

Interested in XASTing?